A City with a Green Thumb

The city of Davis is a proudly progressive, pioneering community that has long emphasized a holistic, clean lifestyle for its residents. By encouraging environmentally friendly business practices and promoting a city infrastructure that is constructed with exercise in mind, Davis truly embodies health-centric living at its core. Consequently, Davis is a greenbelt “dreamland” that features a vast array of playgrounds, picnic areas, and nature preserves, all within a short distance of the comfort and convenience of the beautiful, modern craftsman-style homes for sale at Willow Creek.

Due to its flat topography, Davis has developed an enviable reputation for bicycling. Expansive and innovative bicycle routes and greenways bring together its neighborhoods and communities. In fact, about 1/3 of all Davis residents use bicycling as their primary mode of transportation, probably because they can breathe in the fresh air and view so much lush land as they navigate through the many bike paths connecting the city.

One hundred acres of tranquil gardens and a beautiful blend of nature paths are also showcased 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, at the UC Davis Arboretum. The loop around the Arboretum is about three miles, making it the perfect place for an early morning run or afternoon walk with the pup. Regular exhibits also educate Arboretum visitors about sustainable gardening practices that further promote Davis’s green lifestyle.

Energy efficiency has also been part of Davis’s core foundation for decades. The Partners for a Greener Davis not only educates thousands of business owners and residents on green business practices and regulatory compliance, but has also set a prestigious civic standard for operating profitable enterprises while saving the planet.

Davis’s ties to the earth are long and deep, and from its inception as a farming community, it has been known for its contributions to agriculture. Voted as “America’s Favorite Farmers Market” by more than 10% of voters nationwide, Davis’s Farmers Market is a must-stop located in the city’s Central Park, where it is the perfect spot to pick up fresh vegetables, meats, chocolates, and cheeses delivered fresh from local farmers. With its award-winning agriculture and leadership in energy-efficiency initiatives and its emphasis on exercise and greener living, there is no doubt that the city of Davis excels when it comes to advancing healthy lifestyles in a healthy environment.

Michelle Antic